Sara U First time mom Lost more than 40 pounds

Name: Sara U

Age: 20 years old

Mother of 1 precious baby boy.

Starting weight: 246 lbs

Her Story….

My baby is my everything ,he sure is and a mommas boy too. Not sure where I Would be without him.

Life has been a real hard struggle for me throughout high school and it was difficult for me to focus and keep my grades up in some areas because of my depression and anxiety disorders. It got so bad and I didn’t wanna go anywhere or do anything.

I was bullied a lot in high school. I was always the “odd” one or the “weird” one I guess I Should say. I always felt left out and I really just felt like I was somebody “Different” but in a not so good way.

My anxiety/depression started to really take control of me and my choices. I started to eat whatever and whenever, I did not care. Food was a healing process for me but that healing process was not a good healing process and I just kept wanting more and more JUNK food.

In march of 2016 I was one month Post Partum and I was weighing in at 246 lbs and When I seen this number on the scale my mouth dropped… I couldn’t believe I let myself go… It was time to get up and do something about it..I heard about Beach body from a couple different people that I came across on facebook. They told me about it and how amazing the programs work and I really didn’t wanna believe her until she showed me her results and at that point I Was ready to purchase my very first challenge pack and kick butt and so I did! Eight months later and I’m still working hard on my nutrition and taking my workouts seriously and my fitness journey all together .

I am now weighing in at 181 lbs and I have confidence now and its the most amazing feeling to feel good about you and not look in the mirror and hate the person you see.

I still have about 20 lbs to go but I’m not giving up an I never will! Beach body has shown me how

  • To feel good
  • How to eat healthy with portion control
  • How to balance out my day
  • How to plan
  • How to prep
  • How to be successful
  • and most importantly beach body has taught me to never give up because I started for a GOOD reason ❤
Happier than I can be!.

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